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OptiKPI introduces Lists: How we bring data to OptiKPI?

Sports betting world offers guaranteed adventures and roller coaster rides for people who are willing to take the risk, below are some interesting facts on sport bets that will blow your mind!

  • Sports betting has been in practice since ancient times, there are records of romans betting against each other in history.
  • Football is the biggest attraction for bettors in the USA with around 36% followed by basketball with 30% and baseball with 25% of total bets.
  • Statistics say that almost everyone in the world has been involved in some sort of betting at least once in their lifetime.
  • Where did you bet last time? Which sport? Please comment below.

OptiKPI helps sports betting platforms to automate communication with players in real-time, acquire new users and make them stay on the platform. We provide responsible gaming scenarios, alerting admin if player bets too often and too much.