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How to acquire a New Player?

A gaming platform requires a great player acquisition strategy in order to cut the cost of onboarding new customers. The marketing needs to be focused on driving quality traffic towards your site or app.

Following are some of the best player acquisition strategies, read the article in its entirety to find out about one of the leading cutting edge marketing tricks and tools that are exclusively designed for gaming operators.

Since the competition between gaming providers is at an all time high, the participants are exposed to abundant numbers of games. Thus making it possible for them to try out tons of platforms in a short period of time, hence grabbing the attention of a new user within that window is of utmost importance. Instead of spamming their world with unnecessary promotions as commonly witnessed, create an effective player acquisition plan that solely focuses on delivering the best results, “focus on quality over quantity".

Provide real value and promote the same instead of beating around the bush, this will create a snowball effect which will in turn produce incredible results!

Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

Advertising on Google and Social media

In the modern era, successful digital marketing is all it takes even for start-ups to boom!

Therefore, the best place to start acquiring new contenders for your online games is the web. Begin online player acquisition campaigns to draw attention towards your site/ app, once you get the ball rolling it becomes easy for you to spread your presence all across the internet. If you have a site, promote it to all your potential customers through Google Advertising. There are millions of people around the globe who keep searching for similar services that you provide, target those people with keywords and multiple filters to get solid leads.

Leveraging social media is one of the best cost effective ways to acquire new players. Try to penetrate the market with creativity and post regular contents on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Create a following around your game and always keep them eager and engaged by offering relevant and insightful content. You can run contests and quizzes to increase your reach and hook new followers every day. Don’t forget hashtags!

Incentivized Referrals

This is one of a must-have strategy for all online gaming operators, rewarding players for referring their friends or sharing your game with their network will drive an immense traffic towards your side. This is more like promotion through word of mouth only better since the technique manages to provide value for both parties.

Think of it like spending dollars on paid campaigns and encash your soldiers for each successful referral with premium currency of your game or free in-app purchases. Develop a system that manages to provide rewards on value basis to create a virality factor!

For real money games, providing incentives on a regular basis is one the most successful methods for player acquisition and retention. Incentives have the power to hook an user to your platform, when done right, it helps create a loyal customer base.

With the help of marketing automation platforms like OptiKPI, incentives can be automated to reach players in real-time. For example, a campaign can be created for acquiring new participants with the help of referral incentives. When a new user registers using a bonus code, his friend who shared that code automatically receives 20 Free Spins as an incentive in real-time. The campaign can be customized as per your preference to increase the engagement.


Cross promotion gives your game a quick boost that it needs for getting out there in front of the gamers eyes.

Constantly popping out in front of people's eyes will create traction that can be converted into drawing new users. Get in touch with platforms that provide the service for cross promotion and deploy banners of your games on prime real estate locations such as In-Game Ads space.


Cross selling is one of the best strategies to adopt, if you have an existing customer base that are interested in gambling, try pulling in your existing customers towards your platform instead of spending tons of money to acquire new players from the open market.

The X factor

When a game is designed, it is of utmost importance that the designers keep in mind about the X factor that will create a huge buzz in the market when the game is dropped. The vitality factors ought to be present inside a product in a way that it explodes and spreads like wildfire. This is the most effective form of player acquisition, people automatically want to try out the new product that is creating all this buzz.

Leverage the social media to your power, make it simple for your players to showcase their skills by sharing a quick gameplay video right from your platform. People want to be recognized, use that “desire” to try pull some heavy traffic towards your site.

New Online Casinos are launched each day and players jump from one to another as we speak, in order to stand out from the rest of the competition, the whole gaming platform could be designed in such a way that when it is dropped in the market, it changes the entire landscape for good. Disruption of the industry is what we are looking for, the gaming operators should focus on the X factor right from the start of the design. When a new player enters your platform, he/ she should experience a breath of fresh air, make sure that you deliver a great adventure for your customers.

Innovation alone leads you to a brighter future, let the competition adapt for survival while you thrive.

Testing is the key

Marketing is like an art, it won’t produce the same results always. Try out new strategies for player acquisition every once in a while and record the success ratio, find out what works best for your specific needs. Start small and scale up to gain immense following.

Avoid ads that burn your pockets without producing good results, try to focus on only those strategies that work effectively!


When an effective marketing automation platform like OptiKPI runs tests in the background, all your routine manual tasks are eliminated. You can focus your precious resources where it is needed the most since the AI boosted tool will cut off all manual resources required for testing by completely automating the whole process. When it is done, you can easily study the results by seeing the numbers on OptiKPI’s dashboard. The whole testing process is made simple for creating a great user friendly experience all the while producing clear cut numbers on your marketing progress. Thus helping you analyse your business from a clear perspective!

Content is the king in marketing

Content gives power to products, people can be easily secured with the help of quality contents. If you want to release an exciting game and want people to get excited about it, create a content plan and create a hype around your product before its release.

Focus on creating a loyal following on your social media by constantly posting quality contents will give a tremendous boost in player acquisition. Once you begin providing value to your followers you will have a great marketing tool all on your own, the power of the social media platforms cannot be overstated. You can start by uploading informative posts related to your games. If you have a poker platform and want to acquire new players, you can post Poker tips and tricks on your page. Interviews with the best poker players in the world might be a great attraction for your followers, leverage their fame to your advantage!

You can also get in touch with popular YouTubers and promote your games to a wider audience.

Build a brand that speaks for itself

The ultimate goal for any marketer is creating a brand, once a brand is built with a steady foundation, the future becomes very bright. Brands speak for themselves, people love to get associated with popular brands and ROI on marketing will shoot up if done strategically.

One smart platform for all your marketing needs

So, as a bottom line, how to acquire a new player? OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform built for gaming operators. Bring your marketing and compliance data into one user-friendly and intuitive interface to optimise campaigns, increase team productivity and attain overall revenue uplift in real-time. We provide you a complete solution for all your marketing needs. Right from user acquisition, a customer can be engaged 24/7 with the help of automated marketing strategies.

Target and use your resources effectively to penetrate the market!

An example of how effectively OptiKPI handles the user acquisition process is given below:

OptiKPI automatically welcomes a new player with customized messages right after he/she completes the sign up process. Different segments are created for your candidates, newly registered players are sent to one such pool from where they are taken care of by the OptiKPI’s engine. 1st Time Deposit Bonus SMS is sent to them automatically as per the flow and further follow ups are maintained to check whether the player has deposited or not. If they have successfully deposited within 24 hours, they are moved to a different segment while another carefully crafted deposit offer is deployed to those players who have failed to deposit. OptiKPI’s AI will function 24/7 to successfully make the player deposit and stay on your platform to play and enjoy!

OptiKPI will help you streamline all your marketing strategies under a single platform, try a free demo today at OptiKPI.