Revenue Uplift

By optimising, personalising and measuring customer engagement through dynamic marketing activity our customers have experienced revenue uplifts of more than 30%.

Increased productivity

OptiKPI's simple customer journey automation tools have been proven to raise your team’s productivity levels by as much as 60%.

Dynamic Reporting

Measure campaign performance in real-time to quickly learn and optimise your messaging strategies.

Risk Management

Whether it's fraud, suspicious betting actions or regulatory compliance, OptiKPI has real-time alerts and triggers to protect players and promote sustainable play.

OptiKPI will automate, streamline and improve your marketing processes.

Simply load your lists of player activity data into our software in your preferred format.
Use the simple OptiKPI toolkit to profile your players activity and behavioural traits into multiple segments.
Create personalised marketing and communications activities in harmony with your players' activity preferences and behavioural traits.
Identify trends and measure success across all segments in real time using OptiKPI dynamic dashboards.

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