Unleash the Potential with Real-Time Automation

Transform the way you run your iGaming business. Our platform simplifies data management, target player segments effortlessly, drive personalized campaigns, automate reporting, ensure seamless compliance, streamline operations, and position your business for success in the iGaming industry.

Real-Time Customer Data Platform

OptiKPI securely integrates data from various player touch-points via API. Our centralized platform continuously updates this consolidated dataset in real-time, ensuring the most up-to-date information down to the seconds. This comprehensive dataset forms the foundation for orchestrating personalized player journeys and campaigns across all available channels.

Front-end Website & APP

Player Account Management (PAM) System

Payment Gateway

Data Warehouse

Bonus Engine

Compliance Framework

Responsible Gaming

Actionable Player Segmentation

Our platform empowers you to group players into real-time segments and automatically track user groups as they evolve, ensuring targeted and effective campaigns. By leveraging player profiles, actions, interests, habits, and other personal preferences, you can precisely tailor your campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time. Plus, OptiKPI enables you to enhance the player experience by customizing it with VIP and loyalty programs, fostering loyalty and engagement.






Omnichannel Campaigns & Journeys Orchestration

Experience the power of automation with our intuitive Journeys tool, empowering you to effortlessly create dynamic omnichannel campaigns that adapt to user behavior and lifecycle stage. Plus, seize the opportunity of major sports events and festive occasions with our scheduled marketing calendar campaigns. Stay steps ahead of the competition, captivating your players with unforgettable personalized experiences.

360° Player Engagement Channels

Seamlessly connect and captivate your players across mobile, email, and web platforms with precisely tailored messages and in-game promotions at the perfect moment. Embrace the power of personalization as OptiKPI analyzes individual player behaviors, ensuring that each interaction is unique and relevant. You can effortlessly create and deliver impactful campaigns across all channels, catering to thousands, millions, or even billions of players while ensuring impeccable deliverability.

Performance Tracking and Business Analytics at Your Fingertips

OptiKPI offers a streamlined tracking system, providing comprehensive insights into campaign performance, from delivery reports to click rates. Stay informed and in control as you monitor the success of your campaigns with ease. With personalized dashboards and real-time data, gain a holistic view of your overall business performance. Keep your KPIs under control, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive strategic growth.

Responsible Gaming Automation Safeguards

Leveraging real-time data feeds, OptiKPI platform remains constantly up to date, reinforcing a secure gaming environment that you can prioritize player protection and responsible gaming practices.

Utilize specialized segmentation and real-time triggers designed specifically for responsible gaming, ensuring timely action and information for your players.


Enable automatic notifications to your responsible gaming team whenever a player displays signs of a potential gambling problem, enabling proactive support.


By informing players about their limits, OptiKPI creates a safer and more enjoyable experience while reducing the need for support contact.


Ensure safer marketing campaigns by automatically excluding blocked or self-excluded players from segmentation.


Integration Hub