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A day in the life of a Customer Support Manager

Welcome to a day in the life of a Customer Support Manager of OptiKPI!

The day of a Customer Support Manager usually begins with a hot cup of coffee, a list full of missions & a great pride in providing support to their Gaming clients, like an Avenger.

Once entering their zone, the Support Manager logs into the Helpdesk & conquers the tasks one by one. Today he/she is on a mission to help a few businesses to grow, let’s see what is in their list.

  • He corrects a bonus email from an online casino, so, this weekend’s promo is delivered smoothly;
  • Together on the call with customer, he configures push notifications, so, sport’s betting platform is in touch with their customers in real time;
  • He talked with a customer (online casino) and realised that promo sent as 700 000 SMS was not delivered on time, SMS provider divided it into small batches and sent it during a few days. It was not possible to fix right away, so our hero contacted the Dev Team & planned to fix it.
  • He helped a brand new customer to set their very first funnel on the dashboard, now they can see the number of registered players who’ve actually deposited.
  • And many more tasks like that!

An easily approachable team with 24/7 support from around the globe, OptiKPI's Support crew will always be there for you!