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What actually does marketing automation do?

Marketing automation is designed for marketing departments to effectively promote their product by automating repetitive manual tasks and easily reaching out to customers through multiple channels such as Emails, Push notifications, SMS etc. You just need to bring your marketing strategy into a marketing automation platform, once configure all user scenarios and the system will work round the clock for you and fulfill all targets without fail.

Talking about the online gaming industry, operators can now automate all their marketing activities. It is extremely important in our digital era, when players just jump from one platform to another, and to get the attention of the user is very difficult. So, automation tools like OptiKPI give complete control to operators over their marketing campaigns. Multiple strategies can be successfully deployed and results analysed under a single interface.

But how does a marketing automation bring you a revenue uplift? Let’s take an example with first time depositors. This KPI is very important for every gaming operator, because it shows the rate of real players, converted from just browsing around to paying customers. OptiKPI can completely automate the first time deposit flow. When a new user registers in your platform, OptiKPI sends him/ her a personalized greeting with deposit offers in real-time. Once a player makes a deposit within 6 hours, the flow ends for them and the system will automatically send out a different bonus offer to the remaining players who have failed to make their deposit. Thus, OptiKPI works round the clock for you to convert new users into first time depositors.

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform built for gaming operators. Our platform helps you optimise your marketing and reporting, improve team productivity and streamline compliance through better customer data in real time.