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What are push notifications?

What are push notifications

Push notifications are alerts that pop up at the corner of a screen, users receive the messages even when they are not active on the app / site hence they are hard to ignore. Push notifications are an excellent marketing tool that helps one stay in constant contact with their users.These are highly cost-effective and one of the best marketing mediums. The most noteworthy benefit of push notifications is that the user knows exactly who it’s coming from - an app that they have installed on their device- thereby enhancing their productivity. So the key here is to make sure to provide valuable content to the users based on their interests and recurring online patterns.

OptiKPI push notifications benefits:

  • Real-time engagement with your players.
  • Analysis of their online activity through comprehensive statistics on notifications sent, seen and opened.
  • Boosts user-retention and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced user experience through personalisation.

Create push notifications with OptiKPI.

The effectiveness of Push notifications can be amplified with the help of OptiKPI. Essentially, gaming operators can use OptiKPI to completely automate their marketing campaigns. Let’s analyse through a situation, how a push message works: a player browsing the internet can instantly be reminded of your gaming site as soon as  a triggered android push pops up in front of his screen. The push is delivered to him by a marketing automation platform that has successfully tracked his inactive status for a week. The automated android push message contains highly personalized content & bonus offers, including some of his favorite games that user recently played, which promises him an exciting player experience ahead.

Thus the interest of the  player can be rekindled and reactivation made possible with the help of OptiKPI’s automated push notifications.

Optikpi is a marketing automation platform built for igaming businesses. We help you optimise your marketing and reporting through fully integrated software and practical strategies. Additionally, improve your team productivity and streamline compliance through better customer data in real-time. Book your free demo now.