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Push Notifications for the Gaming Industry

Being highly personalized & cost-effective, push notifications is one of the best communication channels among marketing managers in the online gaming industry.

Push notifications are instant messages that pop up at the top or bottom corner of a screen, they may appear differently depending on the users’ browser or mobile device. The interesting thing with this communication channel - it is hard to ignore them! Users receive push notifications even when they are not active on the app/website. Smartphones display messages even when they are locked. Being highly personalized & cost-effective, push notifications is one of the best communication channels among marketing managers in the online gaming industry.

What are the types of push notifications?

There are mainly two types of push notifications, 

  • Web push notifications

Web push notifications are messages that are sent to a users’ desktop through web or mobile web, these messages appear as an alert from the top or bottom side of the desktop screen as depending on the design of the device. One of the key advantages of push notifications is that it always appears on the display screen, even when the user is inactive; thus enabling one to capture the attention of their customers when a message is pushed.

  • App push notifications

Mobile app push notifications are triggered by applications that are present in a mobile device. A unique identifier (usually called a Push Token) is registered for both the app and the device when the user opens the application. These IDs are used for sending out push notifications to engage the customers. Basically, it is the same idea: your player gets a highly personalized and cost-effective message, sent via a mobile app.

Why push notifications?

Push notifications is a key communication medium for engaging your customer base, you can deliver the most crucial messages at the right time to capture the attention of your customers. It adds immense value to your platform by improving the user experience.

Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

Push notifications play a major role in improving customer retention, engagement & conversion, the app/ website owners can exploit this medium to constantly be in touch with their customers. Push notifications is a perfect way to encourage customers to purchase your products.

For example, if you want to improve your player journey using Push notifications, you can automate the following process completely -

  1. Players register on your gaming platform.
  2. Immediately receives a personalized push notification with greetings
  3. If a player is inactive for 24 hours, a push notification is sent as a reminder to revert them onto your gaming platform.

This flow can be automated and once configured, works to your advantage and growth automatically, 24/7.

Role of Push Notifications in Customer retention.

Here’s an interesting statistic from Forbes for you - by boosting your customer retention by 5%, you can increase your profits from 25% to 95%, cool right?

Once your customers are segmented according to their behaviors, push notifications can be used for targeted marketing to produce tremendous results. Even a user, who is seldom active on your app or has totally forgotten about your platform, can be retained by reminding about its existence on a regular basis by sending them push notifications. The key here is to tap their area of interest. With a smart tool that knows what it does, push notifications can be exploited to instantly grab their attention, sending out exclusive offers according to their behavior, will show your users that you care about them and it will in turn yield immense results.

Now, just to put all of the above into perspective: how to automate player retention for your business growth?

  1. Marketing automation platform automatically checks for users who are not active for a whole week.
  2. It sends out push notifications promoting exciting games for the weekend with a special offer for those players who have remained inactive.
  3. The platform updates the status of the user and his/her activity which may include- logging in, placing a bet, even deposition of cash.
  4. If the user status shows active, the flow is then complete.
  5. If the user continues to remain inactive, another push notification is sent with a good deposit offer.

Thus a player can be reactivated and retained with the help of Push notifications!

Role of Push Notifications in Customer Engagement.

Since push notifications are used on almost all platforms, the users might feel spammed if they are inundated with irrelevant messages. Quality will always stand out over quantity! It is important to deploy personalized and unique offers to engage customers on a regular basis. Send behaviour-based messages through app/ web notifications at the right time with personalized and highly relevant content to always stay connected with your customers.

The features mentioned below is one of the best way an online casino can use push notifications to engage its customers with the help of OptiKPI’s automated flow:

  1. A new user registers to the casino.
  2. The platform automatically sends push notifications with welcome greetings.
  3. OptiKPI checks whether the player has played a game in the next 24 hours.
  4. If not, he’s sent a gentle reminder push about exciting games.
  5. After 3 days, the system checks which games he’s played.
  6. Push notifications with unique offers and free spins related to those games are sent to him.

Thus a customer can be engaged 24/7 with the help of automated flows.

How Push Notifications help in Conversions

Stay relevant to drive conversions up, send Pushes according to your audience's preferences. Segmenting the traffic before delivering messages will create a huge positive impact on your marketing.

For instance, a gaming operator can push its conversion ratio to greater heights with the help of OptiKPI’s conversion flow, following is one such automated strategy that uses push notifications to convert a newly registered player into depositor:

  1. A new player registers to your platform.
  2. OptiKPI sends out personalized push notifications with the deposit offer.
  3. After 24 hours, the system checks whether the player has deposited or not.
  4. If he has not made any deposit yet, OptiKPI sends a new special offer.
  5. After he has deposited, the system drops  that particular player from this flow.

> Everything mentioned above is real-time and fully automated!


Push notifications in the Online Gaming Industry

The Online Gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, especially in the time of COVID-19. With the advent of the digital era, online casinos and real money gaming platforms have increased their footprint all across the globe. The year 2020 saw a tremendous change in the overall lifestyle of every human being owing to the pandemic, the need for better entertainment within the comfort of one’s couch has shot up like never before.

Likewise, the competition also has been built up like never before, for a gaming operator to stay on the top, they have got to take advantage of every latest online gaming marketing strategy which proves to drive the traffic towards their direction. Push notifications is one such asset that is ever-present with the owner of a site/ app that can be used for engaging their customer-base efficiently.

There are multiple advantages to using push notifications over other types of marketing mediums, some of which has been listed below.

  1. Higher rate of engagement
  2. Higher conversions
  3. Boost user retention
  4. Enhanced user experience
  5. Almost zero cost marketing medium
  6. Readily available analytics

Push notifications are a great way to create enormous marketing opportunities for increasing engagement, retention, and sales activities. They contribute to the overall value of your app and website!

What is the best push notification platform for Gaming operators?

To be able to exploit the power of push notifications, a gaming platform should first of all segment their players according to their behaviors and shoot messages as and when needed. This would require a huge amount of resources and time round the clock, if done manually. Following is the best way to handle push notifications in your favor.

OptiKPI is a customer data and marketing analytics automation platform that provides real-time insights and tools to grow your business through better data. Our solution is built from years of experience in the gaming industry, offers real-time insights, is flexible and easy to integrate. Make smarter decisions, drive growth, strengthen your user-relationships, increase player profitability & streamline your campaign gaming operations with OptiKPI!

Push notifications can be automated with the help of OptiKPI. Customers can be targeted according to their behaviors and messages delivered to them automatically, with just a single click and all your manual resources can be saved.