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OptiKPI: who we are and why we are?

OptiKPI is an automation platform that is exclusively set up for operating the marketing end of gaming promoters.

OptiKPI is an automation platform that is exclusively set up for operating the marketing end of gaming promoters. The company was founded in May 2016 with a mission to provide uncompromised service to gaming platforms. Under the leadership of industry experts with 20+ years of experience in the gaming domain, we have created a revolutionary platform. A state-of-the-art technology that takes advantage of AI and machine learning to completely automate every marketing activity.

The online gaming industry requires tremendous marketing expertise to even capitalize on existing market share let alone focus on unexplored terrain. To avoid being weighed down by the overwhelming demand for continuous and essential requirements in the marketing domain, OptiKPI has taken on the mission to help your business reach greater heights. With a customer data and marketing analytics automation platform, we offer you real-time insights, a simple still smart interface. OptiKPI is flexible and easy to integrate. Your team can now focus their undivided attention on improving the quality and service of the product while we cater to your marketing needs.

Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

The all-in-one marketing automation platform will help you achieve:

1. Eliminate all manual repetitive tasks and improve team productivity: you won’t have to worry about players feeling abandoned. OptiKPI will take care of multiple campaigns under a single launch; bring your marketing strategy, set the rules, and leave the rest to the system. Given below are few links citing examples of what can be automated with OptiKPI:

2. Revenue uplift: measure the real impact of marketing campaigns to measure success rates and improve the quality of customer engagement in real-time with our dashboards.

3. Branding: building a brand requires time, perseverance, and immense dedication. With our futuristic tech, you can achieve steady and sustainable growth that will ultimately help you position yourself as one of the best in the business.

4. Better compliance/ reduced risk exposure: identify suspicious behavior and eliminate them in real-time. Promote responsible gaming by triggering automated actions when problem gambling is suspected. Send out pre-built email templates for various jurisdictions.

As an organization that stems from heavy gaming history, we know what it takes to make it in this part of the universe, with immense pleasure we wish to provide our service to fellow igaming operators. Book a free demo today to know more.