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Big data is very useful in gaming for tracking trends, identifying issues, and enhancing game design. For gaming organisations, having a well-defined business intelligence and consumer analytics strategy is becoming increasingly important.

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The online real money gaming industry is estimated to be worth more than $87 billion by 2024. Advanced tech has always been critical in propelling the online gaming industry forward, and data access has the most impact. Some of the ways that data analytics are being used and revolutionizing the online gaming industry may astound you. CDP plays a significant role in efficiently handling data.

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What is a customer data platform or CDP?

A customer data platform, or CDP, is a software application that gathers and stores customer data from many sources and channels into a single database for data unification, identity resolution, analysis, and activation. IN RECENT YEARS, the CDP market has multiplied because numerous firms struggle to combine data across many sources – from legacy infrastructure to the most sophisticated marketing or analytics systems.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

The Importance of Big Data Analytics in the Online Gaming Industry

Big data is instrumental in tracking gaming trends, identifying issues, and enhancing game design. It is essential for gaming organizations to have well-defined business intelligence and customer analytics strategies. Well-defined game analytics approach, teams, and individuals make data-driven decisions. Businesses should be aware of how their activities affect revenue results at any given time.

With increasing competition among the operators, the online gaming business is rapidly evolving. In demanding environments, players have unlimited gaming options. Gaming firms must go beyond the current moment to overcome long-term hurdles to succeed in the sector. Play smarter to uncover timeless strategies that establish brand equity while contributing to key growth metrics.

While major corporations and e-commerce firms were the first to leverage big data, the capabilities are now available to startups and small businesses. They can now understand consumers better, enhance product performance, optimize marketing, and more. Some of the more prominent online gaming platforms have successfully integrated data analytics into their marketing operations; thus, they have an unprecedented advantage over their competitors.

What can a Customer Data Platform provide gaming companies?

A high performing data analytics platform such as OptiKPI enables a gaming company to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the number of daily active users (DAU) on the platform?
  2. How many active players are there in a month (MAU)?
  3. Who were last month’s new users? How often are they active?
  4. How much does each player deposit?

The answers to all the above questions will help the gaming operators effectively create solid business plans for their future exploits. Customer Analytics aims to make data more accessible and understandable, making it easier to spot patterns.

Easily segregate data with the help of OptiKPI. Track player activities and convert them into powerful analytics. It then can be used for target marketing and promotions.

A good customer data platform should possess an intuitive CRM tool that can handle all marketing activities under a single roof. OptiKPI is exclusively designed for the gaming industry. Our AI-powered automated marketing automation software offers excellent marketing assistance.

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The advantages of employing OptiKPI

Following are some of the benefits of integrating OptiKPI into your marketing system:

  1. Increased sales and business growth
  2. Increase in team productivity
  3. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks
  4. Real-time personalized automations
  5. Multi-channel communication
  6. Pre built email templates for different jurisdictions
  7. Target marketing
  8. Responsible gaming
  9. Compliance
  10. 24/7 client support from around the world

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform built for handling marketing operations of the gaming industry. Create campaigns, launch, edit, segment, target traffic, and analyze campaign results under one platform.

Once your data enters our user-friendly intuitive interface, you can easily optimize campaigns, increase your team productivity and achieve a massive uplift in revenue. With OptiKPI, you can target your players based on their behavior.

Automation has never been utilized with such precision before. We help you remove almost all manual tasks and create a wholly automated marketing channel that is precise and effective. Send out tons of automated messages via multiple channels with a single button click (push notifications, web push, email, and SMS).

Strengthen your marketing prowess by engaging your players in real-time and catering to their needs. Reach them at the most appropriate moments to create a great user experience.

OptiKPI addresses every marketing demand. Our marketing automation platform improves player acquisition, boosts retention, and reduces churn rate. Lay triggers across all your campaigns to instantly grab users' motives and provide support in real-time.

We completely understand the marketing challenges in the gaming industry. OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a gaming platform as a marketing tool in four weeks. All your marketing campaigns can be customized and automated in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe, OptiKPI guarantees uncompromised service.