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Taking advantage of player behaviour.

Player behaviour is the key element for a gaming operator's success, trying to decrypt the mystery of “why players do what they do'' is a million dollar question. Primarily we ought to understand the psychology behind the players activities while playing a game, to make it engaging.

To understand our players better, we need to study their player behaviour. The gamers can be video gamers, real-money gamers, PC gamers or from any other background but we struggle to identify the real reason behind why they play a particular game and what they gain from that game play?

Player behaviour can be defined as the characteristics that build a player to function in a specific pattern, this article will also be looking at the different types of influences that affect the player behaviour and their responses in the game environment.

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Decrease in Churn
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The importance of understanding player behaviour

Creating a game that hooks a player to it is the ultimate goal, the fundamentals of creating a great player experience begins with understanding player behaviour. There might be instances when the players behave differently than what we anticipated beforehand but for designers and instructors to influence & direct in game activities, studying behavioral segmentation should be the number one priority.

Gaming operators must always look for chances to review, evaluate and regulate player behaviour in order to remove toxicity or bad player behaviour, thereby maintaining a successful business.

What is player behavior?

Player behaviour is a variable, it keeps on changing due to both external and internal factors. Player behaviour depends on human behaviour hence it is complicated. Users react impulsively in the course of experiencing gameplay

But to a certain extent, player behaviour can be directed during the course of a game. Analysing how a player reacts to different situations during a gameplay will give us enough data for predicting his future actions well in advance.

When we understand player behaviour better, we can use that knowledge for promoting responsible gaming. OptiKPI knows that players welfare is of utmost importance, hence as a part of responsible gaming offering to operators, we leverage the player behaviour to provide multiple features that help promote responsible gaming.

Why do we care about Player Behavior?

Understanding player behavior will help a gaming operator to create a behavioral customer segmentation and design customized marketing strategies for every type of individual. Knowing about the characteristics of a player helps us anticipate his possible moves in the future, we can easily deduce his reaction to a certain type of incident, thus we can automate general user flows in OptiKPI with the help of user behavioral data. For example:

  1. To a new user who just registered - we send him personal greetings and welcome offers from our gaming platform automatically.
  2. After a week or two, by analyzing his playing behavior, we learn about his favorite games. To encourage him to play more, we send deposit offers related to his favorite games.
  3. If the user suddenly drops out or quits the platform, we determine his identity and send him exclusive welcome back offers to reduce our churn.

All of the above flows can be automated in OptiKPI, a smart marketing automation platform that works 24/7 to deliver the best marketing by saving your time and resources for your team.


Influences on player behavior

Player behavior can be influenced by multiple factors, we need to find the best tactics and use them to push the players to participate more on our platform.

Some examples of influencing player behavior to our advantage are:

  1. Calendar - People tend to play more on weekends & holidays, hence as a casino owner, we need to be prepared to handle the increase in traffic on such days.
  2. Social influence - Shout out from a famous blogger or a referral from a friend about a new gaming platform that intrigues people to check it out. People are attracted to trending topics, if a group or an online community that you are a part of is into a new game, then you’re more likely to try it down the line
  3. Sports tournaments - Sports betting sites can exploit the exposure that they get when a sports tournament is held, on such occasions, people are more inclined to participate.
  4. Live tournaments - Poker and related games draw huge attention when held live.

All of the above factors can help influence players to play more on your platform when exploited positively. We can successfully streamline this process, by employing the smart marketing automation platform put in place by OptiKPI, where actions such as sending invitations for tournaments, bonus codes (i.e. references for a friend) et cetera are efficiently carried out.

Responsible gaming

As a gaming operator, we have a responsibility to care for our players and stop them from getting addicted to bad behaviors, getting addicted to gambling and losing more than one’s risk appetite will result badly for the players and the platform. Hence, OptiKPI has built a system that will automatically detect a player who is on a bad path and warn him in real-time.

For example, when a player spends too much money and time on a game than the standard daily limit, OptiKPI will step in and warn them about their behavior in real-time. Say, if a player has made 10 deposits in a day, we can send him a warning message that he has exceeded the daily deposit limit and block him from making any further deposits for the day.

What OptiKPI does is, it helps you streamline all the complexities of marketing. It even helps you influence people to take a positive action towards your platform, like playing more, increasing engagement and referring friends. All these processes can be automated, sending out invitations for tournaments or referral codes to friends have never been this simple. OptiKPI will elevate your current marketing to new heights without much hassle, integrate the smart AI tool within seconds and get going!