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Digital Marketing for the Gaming Industry

Traditional marketing heavily relied on conventional media; there was a time when a high-definition TV transmission was referred to as "digital." The marketing that we now refer to as "digital" had no significance. Yes, we have come a long way!


Marketing makes or breaks products. From the dawn of human civilization, products have thrived only when they connect with customers. The success of businesses largely depends on their ability to penetrate the market with efficiency. Creating meaningful connections in today's open market is the tricky part. Traditional marketing might help you a little, but it won’t take you far!

The internet and technology have paved the way for a more precise marketing opportunity, “Digital marketing.” It is the most effective type of marketing — businesses can now connect with their traffic anytime, anywhere with ease. The surge in sophisticated smartphones has sped up the transition. People all around the globe are active in the digital world; everyone is a consumer hence your potential customer.

The rise in Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing heavily relied on conventional media; there was a time when a high-definition TV transmission was referred to as "digital." The marketing that we now refer to as "digital" had no significance. Yes, we have come a long way!

Traditional methods rely on a hit-and-miss strategy, hence leading to poor conversions. Conventional marketing has numerous drawbacks. Usually, the budgets are enormous while the reach is restricted. Moreover, most businesses won’t have the proper infrastructure for physical marketing campaigns. To be precise, traditional marketing is not an effective form of marketing for the online gaming industry.

With the increase in the availability of tech gadgets and networks came the rise in digital marketing. Nowadays, businesses can communicate with their existing/prospective customers from any part of the globe, all thanks to digital marketing channels. Reach millions of people who might be interested in your product with a single click. Engage them with personalized content at the right time and much more. Adopting advanced strategies will enable you to get an edge over your competitors — leverage marketing automation software such as OptiKPI to create laser-focused marketing campaigns.

It is critical and prudent to adopt effective digital marketing techniques to remain relevant in this ever-changing world regardless of your business size or type.

Why should Gaming Platforms exploit Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the best bet for survival in the fiery competition among gaming platforms. Not just any form of marketing; you need the highly effective ones. Digital marketing has long overthrown traditional marketing. According to GlobeNewswire, traditional marketing might attract an older clientele. Those aged 50 and above spend nearly twice as much time reading the newspaper and watching television than people aged 21 to 34. But the money and resources spent on traditional campaigns won’t help you reach every desired gaming demographic. Digital marketing overshadows its counterpart completely by creating highly personalized real-time campaigns for your target audience; it effectively helps you reach your preferred demographics. Digital marketing for the online gaming business is the primary force behind this booming sector.

Since the competition among gaming operators is at an all-time high, only those who make clever marketing decisions stay at the top of their game. The role of digital marketing in the gaming industry is vital. Employing marketing automation software guarantees sustainable business growth. Around 74% of marketers believe that e-mail marketing leads to increased customer engagement. Custom-made e-mails have a 6x higher transaction rate and need to be used more often. OptiKPI will assist you in creating the most effective campaigns and handling your marketing operations to perfection. The digital marketing trends in gaming steadily evolve as new technologies are introduced. We have also included some of the best Digital marketing tips for gaming in this article for you.

Types of Digital Marketing for the Gaming Industry:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Search engine optimization" is the abbreviation for SEO. In simple terms, it refers to the process of improving your gaming website to increase its visibility in Google, Bing, and other search engines when people look for gaming products. The higher your pages' exposure in search results, the more likely you will draw attention to your company.

SEO is a critical component of digital marketing. Individuals do billions of searches every year to obtain information about products and services. Brands' primary source of internet traffic is frequent search, supplemented by other marketing channels. Better placement in search results than your competitors can significantly influence your bottom line.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is how game developers tweak their app's listing in a specific store (App Store or Google Play Store). It makes gaming apps more visible for popular searches. App store optimization strategy - Consider the following factors while optimizing your gaming app's listing in an app store for iOS devices (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android).

  • App Name
  • Short Description (App Store) or Subtitle (Google Play)
  • Logo
  • Caption
  • Keywords

App store optimization is highly useful for organically boosting traffic.

Social Media Campaigns

It is a planned social media marketing campaign and advertising strategy to increase brand recognition and social media user involvement. Social media is a potent tool readily available for everyone, but only the smartest use it effectively. If appropriately handled, it will bring enormous traffic to your gaming site/ app. Following are some Social media campaign ideas for the gaming industry:

  • Be social
  • Share quality content
  • Use advertising tools
  • Analyze results

Content Marketing

Content marketing in gaming is a marketing approach that involves developing and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other material to attract, engage, and retain the audience. It creates expertise, raises brand recognition, and upholds your gaming company at the forefront of people's minds. Content marketing is a tried-and-true marketing strategy. Here is an interesting fact for you, blogs generate 67 percent more leads than non-blogging businesses!

Video Marketing

Create short videos to market, increase sales, and raise awareness and services and engage players. Everything from building client rapport to promoting your brand, services, or goods may benefit from video marketing. Following are some ideas for your videos:

  • Create tutorial videos
  • Include customer testimonials
  • Live-stream events
  • Distribute viral/entertaining content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also a form of social media marketing. It compromises product/service marketing and endorsements from influencers, persons, and organizations with a perceived level of awareness or societal effect in their industry. Influencer marketing is when you advertise to, with, and through influencers to reach out to your and their target audiences with brand messages. It is among one of your gaming business's most effective marketing tools.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation simplifies and streamlines the time-consuming marketing and sales roles process. It helps reduce the complexity of the marketing structure by leveraging automation. It assures solid effectiveness from lead generation to creating acquisition/ retention campaigns. Following are some of the advantages of using marketing automation software.

  • Eliminate the need for manually pressing the “send” button on every single email / SMS/ post that you deliver.
  • Increase your marketing ROI by saving time and resources.
  • Identify relevant audiences for your campaigns.
  • Trigger actions (automatically send messages) based on customer behavior in real-time.

What is the best Marketing Automation Platform for gaming operators?

OptiKPI ensures streamlining and targeting processes to work in full force. It gets the most out of every campaign, reaches the right audiences, and breaches them successfully. How do digital marketing campaigns in gaming help operators? Tailoring messages to customers becomes a walk in the park. You can create a customized, unique-for-each-customer experience via personalized messages with a simple click.

Automatically send these messages across multiple channels with ease. The massive number of recipients won’t affect your campaigns; we support bulk messaging (100 or 100 million). Set the conditions, and feel free to shift your focus elsewhere. Our marketing automation platform runs 24/7.

Why choose OptiKPI?

We exclusively built OptiKPI for the gaming industry. With AI and behavioral targeting, it can boost your platform's performance within a short period. The customization and automation features will help you connect with your players better than ever. Capture their interests, and target their behavior to improve the odds of engagement.

OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a Gaming platform as a marketing assistance software in four weeks. All campaigns can be customized and automated in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe, we guarantee uncompromised service.