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Types of Actions in OptiKPI engine

Types of Actions

We use 3 types of Actions in OptiKPI, so you can reach your Players on different stages of their journey.

  • Scheduled Actions can be used for engaging your players in a specific time in the future. You can schedule messages and deliver it via SMS / email / push notifications to your targeted customers. Example: Personalized Birthday wishes can be automatically sent at 12 am to your players through email with a special Birthday offer using Scheduled Actions.
  • Triggered Actions. When a particular behavior is performed by your players, OptiKPI picks it up in real-time and custom made automated Actions get triggered sending out pre-built notifications via SMS / email / push to engage them with personalised messages. Example: custom made Welcome Offer can be sent out to your new players right after they register in your Gaming Platform.
  • Single Send Actions are used for sending out messages instantly to your desired segment of players but unlike the other two actions, Single Send action completes once it is executed (i.e) it delivers messages only once and does not recur. Single send actions are mostly used for testing purposes. Example: Test emails can be sent out to a personal id to verify whether the action is completed successfully.

OptiKPI supports custom automations, with the help of our platform you can design personalised Actions as per your requirements to engage and retain your players.