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Bulk Messaging for Gaming industry

Bulk messaging helps business owners to converse with their target group, advertise the business, transmit crucial updates and build customer engagement. 

What is bulk messaging?

Bulk messaging is a popular communication medium used by businesses to reach out to a large customer base and enhance brand awareness. It serves as a perfect solution for all kinds of industries as it enables brands to connect with their customers on-the-go with minimum effort.

We use Bulk Messaging to reach a wide audience. For example when we try to enter the market with our very new brand, we can go for a wide SMS marketing campaign to tell us about ourselves. Or for example we can send messages to all just registered users on the platform. It is a very effective way to shout out about us to a wide audience.

Why is bulk messaging so effective?

Bulk messaging helps business owners to converse with their target group, advertise the business, transmit crucial updates and build customer engagement. As viewing an SMS does not require an internet connection or a smartphone device, Bulk messaging through SMS offers a wider reach than other communication platforms.

With the help of incorporating Bulk messaging services, a business can cater to the needs of every customer and create targeted campaigns thereby delivering value and offering better user experience.

Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

We can cover a wide audience, build brand awareness and talk directly to users. You can compare it with your social media pages, through them with posts and articles you connect with your followers big time but sending out-bulk messages will not only help you get wide attention but also will help you touch each and every customer individually, you get to build a personal relationship.

How are businesses using bulk messaging?

Bulk messaging is used by every kind of business, from banks and e-commerce sites to traditional retailers and online gaming companies.

Campaigns can be deployed for entertainment, information or marketing purposes. Some uses of bulk messaging are: Collecting payments, Offers, discounts and sale alerts, Coupon codes, Product news, Thank yous, Service notifications, App download links, Emergency updates, Reminders etc...

Bulk messaging campaigns can be carried out through multiple mediums such as email, SMS, push notifications etc, and can be created and put into action in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of using bulk messaging in the gaming industry?

By using bulk messaging to target your audience, you can efficiently increase the revenue of your online casino or any other online gambling business.

Following are some of the benefits of using bulk messaging for your gaming business:

  • You reach the wider audience and then get the better brand awareness of your gaming platform.
  • You test your marketing campaigns properly with AB testing, and your marketing activities become sharp and the most effective.
  • Being in touch with your players, you Increase your conversion rate and optimize ROI and KPIs of your marketing department.
  • You drive traffic to your gaming site / app.

Bulk messaging helps online gaming industries to stand out from their competitors, strengthen customer communication and build a solid customer-base. With enormous advantages, Bulk messaging has become an integral part of every online gaming marketing campaign.

How can you implement bulk messaging in your gaming marketing?

There are various strategies that you have to keep in mind when it comes to implementing bulk messaging in your marketing, the goal is to maximize the ROI and reach a wider audience. Following are some tips for effectively implementing bulk messaging:

  • Send personalized messages: The effectiveness of bulk messages can be improved easily when it is personalized, add a personal touch to all your messages by addressing your customers by their names (merge tags of username).
  • Automate: Sending personalized messages on a large scale is not an easy task, you can use marketing automation tools such as OptiKPI to completely automate the whole process. Just upload your data and set the rules for your campaigns and let the marketing machine take care of the rest. You can create multiple automated campaigns to - welcome newly registered players, send out birthday greetings, announce tournaments/ big wins etc, in real time using OptiKPI.
  • Crisp and clear: Messages should be short and to the point, grasp the attention of your players with rich content rather than spamming them. Always attach a call to action with your messages (Book now! Join now!), create a journey and take your users along the way.

Completely automate your marketing with OptiKPI.

One of the best marketing automation tools is OptiKPI, it is exclusively designed for the gaming industry, combined with the power of AI and behavioural targeting, it can boost any gaming platforms performance within a short period of time. The customization and automation of personalized messages will further help a platform to connect with your players more effectively than ever. It will help you capture a user's interest and target only on what he is motivated by, thus improving the odds in your favor.

Bulk messages can now be handled with ease, set the rules at the beginning of a campaign and that’s it. OptiKPI will perform 24/7, delivering your messages at the right time and fulfilling commands in real time. Custom campaigns will help you get tremendous results, you can get in touch with OptiKPI’s technical team from any part of the world and at any time for your very own personalised campaigns!

OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a Gaming platform as a marketing tool in a span of four weeks and is extremely user-friendly. Any and all campaigns can be customized and automated in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe OptiKPI guarantees uncompromised service. Book a free demo now via link below!