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Manual Marketing vs. Marketing Automation in Gaming Industry

Marketing is the make-or-break component to a gaming brand’s success. Even when developing a world-class game, success is not guaranteed without due marketing. Manual marketing and marketing automation are both similar and dissimilar. The commonality is underlined when businesses have mutually beneficial connections with clients, consumers, and the general public.


Only when you possess a great marketing system in place can you compete with the best in the business. Marketing has evolved into a much more complex mechanism over the years. Nowadays, traditional marketing won’t get us far or yield desired marketing ROI. Manual marketing might be the comfortable step for startups, but trust us, it won’t get you far ahead. The competition between the manual and automation has become a single-sided affair in recent years. This article will find the definitions of marketing types, their differences, advantages, disadvantages, and how to employ them effectively.

What is Manual Marketing?

We use manual marketing to refer to all marketing activities carried out manually. For example, manual marketing uses human labor to send out promotional emails to prospective customers rather than automation technology. Such manual marketing has long been outdated and poses a significant challenge to the growth of a business. The main reason is that it cannot be scaled up quickly and renders too many errors. Traditional marketing and manual marketing go hand in hand. Traditional marketing employs newspaper advertisements, leaflets, telemarketing, and face-to-face encounters. All of the above requires manual indulgence in every step of the action, such as purchasing a newspaper, picking up leaflets, making phone calls, or meeting with individuals.

What is Marketing Automation?

Traditional marketing grounds have been transformed by marketing automation. It enables us to send real-time tailored messages. Businesses may now automate marketing campaigns, target customers, and send highly personalized content automatically across multiple communication mediums. Your marketing endeavors will become error-free and straightforward with the aid of quality marketing automation software such as OptiKPI. Gaming operators may focus on areas that require immediate attention by eliminating monotonous manual activities. Marketing automation is the most potent means for expanding your online presence and improving the quality of your marketing.

Difference between Manual Marketing & Marketing Automation

The difference between both of the above marketing elements is ever evident. One is highly sophisticated, and the other more of prehistory. Manual marketing heavily relies on manual labor and is not an excellent marketing method for most online businesses. On the other hand, marketing automation is the future. It effectively combines technology with precision to yield desired results. Manual marketing is employed mainly by small businesses that lack proper marketing infrastructure. Manual marketing has been the traditional method, where people tend to rely on instincts rather than data. Whereas, Marketing automation is a highly sophisticated method. Data is the main ingredient to marketing automation.

Manual marketing and marketing automation are both similar and dissimilar. The commonality is underlined when businesses have mutually beneficial connections with clients, consumers, and the general public. The only variation is the technique or channel used to complete the activities listed above.

Advantages of Manual Marketing

It is primarily helpful for small-time businesses. Manual marketing is the go-to option for companies with fewer customers to deal with. Traditional marketing strategies have been around for centuries and have a high success rate, but they are costly and occasionally inconvenient.

Manual marketing flow: You create an idea > draft a marketing plan > deploy them manually. No more, no less.

Some of its advantages are

  • Easy to start
  • Effective for small businesses
  • No initial setups required

Disadvantages of Manual Marketing

We strongly object to full-fledged manual marketing for startups and gaming techs. Following are some of the reasons:

  • Impossible to scale-up
  • A huge customer base cannot be handled
  • A lot of manual labor work
  • Prone to errors
  • Personalization and customization are not possible
  • When you’re busy, you might forget to send marketing messages
  • Manually segmenting players based on their behavior is quite impossible.
  • It requires handling a massive number of excel sheets and a lot of time & effort.

Traditional marketing still exists, but it has played a minor role in recent years. If businesses want to compete in today's digital arena, they must take advantage of the sheer enormity of digital marketing and marketing automation.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation streamlines and simplifies the time-consuming process of marketing and sales responsibilities. By utilizing automation, it aids in the reduction of the marketing structure's complexity. It ensures robust effectiveness from lead generation to building acquisition/retention programs.

  • “Triggered campaigns” automatically send messages based on customer behavior in real-time.
  • Remove the need for you to manually hit the "send" button on each email, SMS, or push notification you send.
  • By saving time and resources, improve your marketing ROI.
  • Efficiently determine who your target audiences are for your marketing.

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Disadvantages of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the future of marketing. Some of the drawbacks might arise only due to minor manual errors. For example, You might forget that you scheduled a campaign and recall only when someone contacts you from customer support about a player’s complaint related to the content/offer from the campaign!

There aren't many drawbacks to marketing automation. However, some conventional marketing supporters may claim that it further digitizes an increasingly digital world. Some have said that marketing automation has mechanized the marketing process and weakened personal customer connections. But on the contrary, with the help of high-performing marketing automation like OptiKPI, you can create meaningful connections with your players and build a brand in the long run.

What is the best type of Marketing for your Gaming Business?

Marketing automation software ensures long-term business success in the gaming sector. Because gaming operators are competing at an all-time high, only those who make astute marketing decisions will stay top.

Marketing automation with the assistance of OptiKPI has been more effective than traditional marketing operations in recent years. Automated marketing efforts are easier to manage, measure, and document, providing quick real-time results for starters. On the other hand, traditional marketing takes time to plan and execute, both conceptually and practically.

To get started with a marketing automation solution, integrate OptiKPI into your system - it will take no longer than 4 weeks. Upload your player data and let our software take care of the rest!

Your player data will assist you in improving your business. With our advanced analytics dashboards, you can analyze campaign results like an expert. Make a 360-degree perspective of each player to see what works and what doesn't when marketing.

OptiKPI guarantees that processes are streamlined and targeted to their full potential. It makes the most of every marketing by reaching the correct audiences and effectively breaching them. Customizing messages for consumers becomes a breeze. You can create a customized, one-of-a-kind experience for each individual with a single click. Easily automate the distribution of these messages across various channels. A large number of receivers will not hamper your campaigns; we allow bulk messaging (100 or 100 million). Set the parameters, and then go on to something else. Our marketing automation software runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It will be beneficial for businesses to balance their spending on manual marketing and marketing automation. Both have advantages and disadvantages. A well-thought-out marketing strategy with the help of OptiKPI will combine the best elements from either side, resulting in a more successful marketing crusade.

OptiKPI: The Number 1 Choice for Gaming Operators

OptiKPI was explicitly created for the gaming industry. Our Behavioral targeting features are among the best in the market. To enhance your marketing performance, deploy our personalization and automation opportunities. Easily connect with your gamers and increase the chances of interaction.

OptiKPI can be readily integrated into a gaming platform as a marketing aid software within four weeks. We offer uncompromised service with global customer assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.