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Push Notifications in Customer Engagement

Push notifications when used effectively will play a major role in customer engagement. With push, you can stay one click away from your customers at all times. Since push notifications are hard to ignore, you can develop strategies aiming at improving your engagement ratio.

What to consider, when creating customer engagement strategies through the Push Notification channel?

  • Address customers by their names. It will give a personal touch to your messages.
  • Send relevant contents, so your message will not be ignored. For example, when a player on your platform is about to lose his balance, send a friendly message with an exclusive offer, to make him stay longer and have fun.
  • Use automation platforms, so, once you configure all marketing scenarios, the system will work for you and send Push notifications accordingly. It will save tons of resources for your marketing team!
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

Following are a couple of use cases on how we can use Push Notifications for Customer Engagement.

Big win alerts: When someone on your platform just made a big win, you can send out push notifications to all online players, with greetings to the winner and letting everyone else know that it happened. It encourages and inspires users to play more!

Birthday greetings: You can completely automate the process of sending out birthday greetings to your customers. It is always pleasant to get a special treat on your special day, isn’t it? It will engage players in an organic way. In OptiKPI you can set the scheduled campaign, when every 12 noon you send greetings and special offers to everyone who has the birthday today. Once configured, it will be done automatically.

To know more on how to effectively use Push Notifications for Customer Engagement? Book a free demo now via link below!